Massimo Premium Coffee
Roasted Beans 2kg

<b>Massimo Premium Coffee</b><br>Roasted Beans 2kg

Massimo Premium Coffee
Roasted Beans 2kg

Green beans from Africa with well selected organic, full fruit flavor of coffee taste. Massimo Premium Coffee is available in washed and unwashed beans, to give you have a real cup of coffee!

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Massimo coffee come from Uganda – the “Pearl of Africa”. The equatorial zone is gifted by nature with two rainy seasons in a year ensuring crop production year around and coffee is one of the most important cash crops contributing 15-20% of total export earnings and plays a major role in the livelihoods of many poor people.


Uganda’s washed Arabica coffee is grown at high altitude that ranges between 1’300-2’300 meters above sea level. Coupled with fertile, volcanic, deep sandy loam and rich in organic matter with a pH of 4.5 to 6, makes Uganda’s washed Arabica coffee unique with intrinsic quality characteristics: Dried Uganda Arabica (Drugar) has a rich and smooth body, fruity, floral, and chocolate flavor with berry finish whereas fully washed Uganda Arabica coffee has a rich and smooth body, fruity, floral, and chocolate flavor with lemon finish good for an African cup of coffee.


It is grown in the volcano soils in the highlands among shade trees such as bananas and cover crops like beans that result into sustainable coffee production and food security, while ensuring a social, economic and suitable environment that requires a Minimal or Totally No Use of Agro-Chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Over 500’000 households depend on coffee production as their source of income.


At Anderson Investments Ltd (AIL), we mobilize, train our small scale farmers and farmer groups with coffee farms ranging from 0.5 to 5.0 acres to use Agro-ecological practices, build healthy soils, conserve water, protect pollinators and keep the air and water clear of harmful pesticides henceforth traceability of the source of coffee per farmer is monitored. AIL trains farmers in coffee farming as business and also link them to Niche / Specialty Markets to enable them receive a premium for the high quality finished product.


At the end of every coffee year, our farmers, and farmer groups are rewarded One (USD 1.00) United States Dollars for each Kilogram of supplied premium green coffee beans.


Store in an opaque airtight container in a refrigerator once opened.


Use fresh filtered water. Serve coffee immediately once it’s made.
Always pre-warm cups.

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